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Sex toys: History       sex toys history, prehistoric sex toys, first vibrator

Sex toys have been around for more than 30 000 years - long before the wheel - and prehistoric sex toys have appeared at all corners of the world, from Africa to Iceland.   Though it was not until the late 1800s that the first vibrator for home use was invented.

Buying sex toys online      buying sex toys online cheap

Bordello offers cheap sex toys and sexy outfits at surprisingly low prices. Our range of more than 1 300 different items include sex toys for women, such as dildos, vibrators or clit stims, sex toys and sexual aids for men, like masturbators, pumps or love dolls, plus accessories and sex toys for couples, like bondage, sexy clothing, condoms, massage lotions, strap-ons and much more. Our sex shop offers secure payment options and discrete delivery. If you feel like ordering a sexy piece of clothing or a pair of stylish shoes, we recommend that you see our size chart first. In case you want to know more about our products, we recommend our guide to sex toys which you will find further down this page. We also have a guide to the different materials that sex toys are usually made ​​of which you can access on the top menu - everything to help you find your perfect sex toy.

Discreet delivery       sex toys with discreet delivery

We offer discreet delivery to all our customers for your convenience. Sex toys are of course nothing to be ashamed of, especially in these days when every other person has sex toys at home, but we understand that it can be a sensitive issue for many. Therefore, we avoid logos and trade names on all our parcels. You will find more information about delivery and shipping costs on our terms & conditions page.

Sex toys for her         sex toys for her, clit stims, vibrators and dildos

There are numerous kinds of sex toys for women, obviously the most traditional ones as dildos and vibrators, but also clitoral vibrators and nipple stims that offers much pleasure during masturbation or intercourse. Now all your erogenous zones can be stimulated simultaneously! Do not forget that a healthy sex life benefits both the physical and mental health.

Sex toys for him         sex toys for him, masturbator, sex toys for men

Finally a use for all that modern technology - sex toys for men! There's a variety of sex toys and sexual aids for him, for example masturbators and sex dolls for pleasure, penis rings for endurance or pumps for stronger erections and in some cases even a bigger penis!

Sexy outfits for him and her    sexy outfits, sexy clothing, buy sexy outfit cheap online from the UK

Not only do we offer sex toys, we also have a large selection of lovely sexy clothing. Make your sex life even hotter with one of our exciting outfits! We have everything from cute lingerie to tight latex clothing. Play out your deepest fantasies with a sexy role play outfit or give him a Christmas present he'll never forget. We also have a selection of sexy apparel for men, to give the ladies something to look at!

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